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21st century’s green answer to hot water. Save up-to 75% on hot water

What Is A Heat Battery?

The future of heating hot water within your home.  

A high-powered, thermal storage heater enabling instant hot water without the need to store water. This solution is a no – very low maintenance, green solution to heating hot water within your home. 

Compact in design the technology is quickly becoming the nations number 1 alternative to immersion heaters and boilers. 

Save Space

Compact in design our heat storage batteries are created to provide more space compared to conventional heating systems. 

Our system provides instant hot water without the need for storing the hot water, meaning there is no requirements for tanks thus creating extra space within your home. 

This is the future of electric water heating solutions. 


Our Heat Batteries Come With A 10 Year Manufactures Guarantee

Key Benefits

Compact: The system is smaller than a slim dishwasher and can be floor mounted, fitted in a small kitchen unit, in a cupboard or in the garage. The technology enables it to store four times more energy than hot water tanks for a given volume of material, and this compact size could free up cupboard space where a traditional hot water tank would have been.

High power and high flow rates: Our high powered heat exchanger heats water instantly at high power (up to 30kW.) Delivering you fast flowing hot water on-demand.

Modular in design: The system is Cuboid in design and easy to stack.

Minimal heat losses: Reduce heat loss with up to 2 to 4 times less heat loss compared to a traditional hot water tank – Saving you money and lowering CO2.

No Maintenance: No maintenance is required which avoids annual maintenance and servicing costs. 

Long Lasting: We have tested over 40,000 cycles of charging and discharging, the equivalent of over 50 years of daily use, without a single failure or degradation to the PCM.

Ease of installation: It does not need to comply with the requirements of Part G3 of the Building Regulations and therefore the pressure & temperature relief (P&T) valve and the associated discharge pipework are not required. This not only significantly reduces costs but also removes barriers in terms of where you can locate the battery within the property

Significantly Reduced Legionella risk: Legionella risk is significantly reduced as the heat battery does not store water directly, it stores energy and heats the water on demand.

Grid Balancing: By charging up in off-peak periods it not only reduces running costs, it also shifts load away from peak periods and helps reduce the strain on the electricity system.

Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF): Reduced heat losses improves the SPF H4 compared to equivalent heat storage devices

World’s Best Certified Heat Battery!


  • The RAL Quality Association PCM has awarded Sunamp the RAL Quality Mark for its UniQ line of thermal batteries with the leading SU58 material.
  • In independent testing conducted by ZAE Bayern, a prestigious German test lab, the PCM was successfully melted and solidified in a UniQ heat battery for 10,000 cycles.
  • At the end of the test, no significant differences in stored thermal energy capacity were found between the cycled samples and an uncycled sample of the PCM. Sunamp’s range of UniQ products earned the association’s highest level of certification:Grade A

    (The only product in the world to receive this level of certification)


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Reduce Costs

Our heating system is designed to reduce costs compared to other systems like night storage heaters.



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