Efficient radiators are built to heat rooms quicker than standard radiators. Many are also built with internal thermostats that control when the heating is on and off.

It has become extremely popular to control heating through Apps, which can be used in the home or anywhere where a 3G/4G signal or wi-fi signal is available.

For many people, installing efficient radiators provides better heating and energy savings as the heating is only used when it is absolutely needed.

We will provide data from customers below, as it becomes available.

Efficient Electric Heating Running Cost Examples

This is a unique 12-month case study looking at the total electrical usage (power, heat and light) in a 1960’s 2 bedroom detached bungalow with cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing. The property is situated in Holsworthy, North Devon. There is no gas, solid-fuel or other heating in the property.