Heating your home with electric radiators can be a daunting task, especially considering the costs of using conventional electric radiators. Also, the aged old solution which is economy 7, is far from an ideal solution for most people these days, especially when one considers how quickly the weather changes, at times within hours. And if you are using a central heating system, you have limited ways of controlling the correct level of heating for each room in your home.

For most people, economy 7 and central heating systems have failed to respond to modern day needs.

In Germany, they realised many decades ago, that the age of economy 7 and central heating systems had come to an end, so they went about creating electric heating that was both efficient in the way it distributed heat and more flexible in how it managed temperature control for any room it was installed into.

Germany is leading the way today in showing the rest of the world how innovative design and intelligent control makes a huge difference in providing heat as it’s required, in a way that is both cost effective and more importantly, sustainable.

Here is a link to a very informative technical brochure (converted into english) for those of you would like to find out more.

German Electric Radiators – Technical Brochure