- Introducing ELKAtherm electric heating -

Electric radiators are more efficient, controllable and reliable than ever – so what should you look for? After extensive search, we found ELKAtherm to be the best.


Electrik Heating Solutions spent a lot of time researching electric radiators, to find a manufacturer that offered the best mix of quality engineering, efficient performance and stylish design.

The right radiators would need to be instantly controllable, heat a whole room evenly, and offer a range of designs to suit every room.

To cut a long story short, we found ELKAtherm radiators to be the best, hands down…

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Independent tests by the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) revealed ELKAtherm electric radiators warm the whole room evenly, from floor to ceiling, within 0.5°C.

We were also impressed by the unique, fluted design. It spreads heat by convection, while increasing their effective surface area by 500% compared to flat panel heaters – getting the most possible warmth from the energy used.

Thousands of colours and sizes

Literally thousands of shape, size and colour combinations mean there’s an ELKAtherm radiator to suit any wall space in every style of home – some just 8 cm deep.

To help you choose, our designer will visit you and pick out options suitable for your home’s unique shape, size and insulation… and with no complicated pipework to install, we can fit your new radiators in a single day.

25-year guarantee

ELKAtherm electric radiators are built to last – and they’re backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee lasting a quarter of a century.

And as a Trusted Trader, we’re always on hand to make sure you’re completely happy, warm and snug.

It’s time to get warm

Discover more about our electric radiator range and request a free info pack… or if you’d like to talk to us in person, please do get in touch to arrange a free home design appointment.

More information . . . .

We only use heaters built from the highest quality industrial grade materials available. The design has been engineered for optimum efficiency through 60 years of research and experience in heating.

Our heaters use a fluted design which have five times the surface area of an equivalent sized standard flat-panel heater. This gives greater surface to-air contact, enabling our heaters to warm a space faster and more effectively.


Electrik Heating Solutions have a passion for helping customers choose the right level of heating for their home, alongside the best control options, helping you stay warm and comfortable.

We have paired the best performing, highest-quality electric radiators in the world with the most advanced control system ever made for the domestic market. The solution offers:

• Incredibly effective heater design for unrivalled performance
• Intuitive, visual controls: simple to use
• Saving money by setting the exact time and temperature for each room in a property
• 13 programmable time frames, including 6 active time frames for every heater, every day
• No temperature restrictions - not tied to only two temperature settings like other systems
• Easy temperature override
• Energy usage monitoring by kWh and £

We are on hand to provide a professional survey to ensure your home is effectively heated. From here our installers will take care of every aspect of fitting and showing you how to set the heating to your needs.